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Evaluation Question 7

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?


One of the main things I have learnt from doing our last preliminary is that working with other is not something I enjoy doing. I ended up doing pretty much all the work including the preliminary although Mike Kavanaugh helped with the evaluations.

I have discovered that unless I’m working with animals, filming is not for me. Through this work I have discovered an ability to complete my work despite not enjoying it but the outcome somewhat made it worth it. I hope that I am not in the same position for next year’s work.

Throughout this work I have learnt about the use of Premiere Pro, a product I have not used before. I have had to work around the issue of using CC (creative Cloud) myself whereas the mac’s we were using were several versions behind and therefore were not compatible so I had become the only person available to do any editing.

I have learnt how to work around many group related issues, for example, no one but myself showed up for filming the main piece and I had to bring in outside help from people that weren’t even doing media. It was frustrating but I have now learnt how to do large amounts of work on my own.

Besides learning the basics I personally don’t feel like I have learnt a lot and have an overall feeling of disapointment.

Evaluation Question 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


There were many technologies used throughout the research and planning to record and hold proof of research. One of the main things used to make notes for research and planning is the website ‘WordPress’ which helped to make logs of textual analysis, examples, posters and trailers and make a log of everything done in the lessons. This was therefore useful as it was possible to keep track of everything done and also note what needed to be done for further planning of tasks.


One of the other forms of media used was the website ‘Youtube’ which proved important when researching textual analysis of the opening sequences and scenes. Looking at other horror opening scenes such as ones from ‘American Horror Story’ for inspiration for the opening scene, using close ups of objects to do with the genre of horror to intrigue the audience and engage them. Also, to be able to upload the final pieces onto the blog posts they had to be uploaded to youtube.



A canon 700D was used to capture all of the footage for the opening sequence and scenes. The Canon used allowed for pictures of proof for research and planning and it also allowed for recording footage of the main pieces as well as be able to upload to computers, using apple mac’s and premiere pro to help edit the footage captured.


This is a breakdown of everything done



Had planned a story board.

Made a mood board

Looked at similar texts

Analysed similar texts

Planned what was going to be the subject

Chose not to make a story board

Planned locations

Planned how I was going to use animals

Knew I was mostly going to be using animals



Filmed half on, half off a tripod for a more natural look

Kept with dog’s natural behaviours.

Dangerous dog jacket stayed on

Didn’t use other classmates-yes I’m still bitter about that

Chose to use a dreary day

Was actually a dreary day

Very plain dog walking clothes

Spooky guy was spooky by accident

Most of what happened, happened on the spot despite the extensive planning


Post Production

Colour corrected to look more night-time

A lot of editing of the soundtracks happened before the film went on so the film was edited for the music, not the other way around

Found a few copyright stock videos that fit in very nicely.

Made up names to fit the cast list

Added titles

Added fades



Evaluation Question 6

How did you attract/address your audience?  


To support the media piece it is necessary to attract and address the audience. Using techniques such as uploading posters, videos and general advertisements to televisions, radio stations and social medias. Putting these advertisements on specific websites, not just Facebook and Twitter would be of great benefit. These posts could be displayed on a website called ‘HNN’ or Horror News. Websites like these promote horror movies in particular, inserting reviews, releases and trailers. It could even be possible to release merchandise in order to create synergy for the product including t-shirts, cups, coasters and much more.

Some film trailers also have links to other films saying ‘the director that brought you…’ or ‘if you liked…you’ll like…’. The film could also use these types of techniques to advertise to the public as people who like the genre of horror would therefore feel encouraged and confident that the film will be good.

The action in the trailer itself would help address the audience. Regarding the genre of horror, the techniques such as eerie music, ghostly figures and a murder mystery could help intrigue the audience; the fact that other popular horror films like ‘The Omen’, ‘Paranormal Activity’ and ‘Cabin in the Woods’ use these types of codes and conventions also may make the film more anticipated. The typography also suits the genre and the audience will be able to recognise the type of typography.

This type of typography, however, would not work for our title of “Alice’s Secrets” because of the sophistication. Alice’s Secrets would be less of a straight up horror and more of a psychological horror like “Silence of the Lambs”.Furthermore, the colours of black and red are usually used to connote blood, evil and death so would give the game away. As the black fonts look like scratches on a piece of wood from a knife, this font would maybe work great with horrors based in the woods.


Evaluation Question 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?


For this film,the targeted audience will be those of the same race, age and class as the characters portrayed; Caucasian, 18-25, middle to lower class. However, there is a deeper target audience. The film will be mostly targeted at young adults using social media to attract this audience by inserting advertisements including posters, clip art and trailers on Youtube, official sites and Twitter or Facebook.

Young adults may include such ages like the early teens, specifically around 17 or 18 to above. This is because of the violence and age rating which may not be suitable for those under an age of 16. The age rating would maybe be rated 18 to avoid legal issues although most horror films may be rated 12A but this may only be for horrors perhaps with mild violence. This film may have swearing and violence as well as religious connotations, so this target audience is for those who don’t mind swearing and violence, so mostly those of a ‘mature’ audience.


Evaluation question 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?


Horror Institutions and Distributors

There are many institutions that could be able to distribute the film. Institutes such as Lionsgate have specialised in horror films like ‘Cabin in the Woods’ which is arguably one of the most well-known and popular horror films of the “naughty’s”. Lionsgate could also be deemed as a high-earning institutions with films such as the “Saw” franchise and ‘Hunger Games’ earning a high gross.


With a rise in the use of the internet one of our main platforms to show the film on would probably be something like youtube  or vimeo where people can make quite a profit off of  ad revenue and watches in the case of Youtube. This will help get through to our target audience of young adults who may use the internet more frequently over long periods of time compared to say, old folk .

Lionsgate or Paramount films for however have larger budgets and may be able to afford advertisements and posters for social media and also on billboards and high street posters so would do better releasing their films on DVD or in a cinema.

On the other hand, this film would do better being shown at certain filming festivals made specifically for amateur horror and crime films; these are located all around the country and would be shown in locations nearby such as Southampton, London and Bournemouth. Festivals such as ‘Frightfest’ and ‘Dead by Dawn’ could show the film.

Another highly viewed media is television. The film could be advertised after watershed as this film may be inappropriate for younger audiences. 2 or 3 minute videos will be made to be shown after the hours of specifically 8 or 9 o’clock which could reach out to the wide target audience of both young adults and the older males and females, commonly of the ages of 17 and older to perhaps 50+.

Films such as ‘It’ and ‘Cabin in the Woods’ use trailers that are a minimum of 2 minutes. However, they don’t uncover any of the main plot, character deaths and don’t actually show that much despite the length of the trailer. This is the same technique Alice’s Secrets could perhaps use.



The production for this media piece wouldn’t need to be that expensive regarding the amount of special effects and cameras as basic Premiere Pro effects can do this. Horror films may be known not to cost that much due to the lack of audience who may follow these films; arguably, action and sci-fi for example may be more popular than horror due to the wider range of ages and genders wanting to see them

. Most horror films cost a small amount compared to other films, specifically a budget of £15,000 and more; Films such as Paranormal Activity only cost £15,000 but managed to make a staggering £193 million which is considerably a lot of money considering the genre. However, this might have been the case due to the institutions who distributed the movie trailers and posters ‘Paramount’

Here are the top 5 most expensive horror films in movie history. Our film is only small budget film which may only cost 50 Million or considerably less due to locations, actors and equipment.

1. The Wolfman (2010): $170 Million

2. I Am Legend (2007): $150 Million

3. Prometheus (2012): $130 Million

4. What Lies Beneath (2000): $100 Million

5. Hollow Man (2000): $95 Million



Evaluation question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?



In the opening sequence there isn’t any particular class of person depicted besides white, middle class and young, simply because those were the only people willing and available. This is perhaps evident from the clothing our character is wearing; someone perhaps more ‘upper class’ would wear more stereotypically fancy clothing such as maybe a hat, a rolex watch or nice shoes. Apart from this the class of the character and the other character can’t be entirely judged because appearances can be deceiving and has been left more or less ambiguous. The male character is represented as an entity, wearing just black robes as an outfit and as such cannot be judged.

hooded figure media

One thing that may challenge the class of the person is the pet dog. Certain dogs of different breeds may cost a lot of money; this dog is a saluki collie cross, a rescue with behavioural problems and as such would not have cost a lot of money.


The races of both of the characters are white, both the male and female. The narrative being established in the opening scene may suggest that the woman is a normal, everyday woman which may be the type of person that many of the audience may be able to relate to, making them more interested in the film and engage with them. The white male that is being presented as a ghost also looks like an average, everyday male. None of the characters are shown using weapons or wearing any hoodies or tracksuit bottoms, stereotypically mostly worn by lower class, aggressive individuals.

Female character media (1)Age

It is possible to establish that both of the characters are young adults with the female being 18 and the older male being around the same age of 19-20. Although it may be hard to tell of the ages of the characters we do give a hint due to the type of fashion is being worn as well as the overall appearance. Stereotypically we may associate older people with having grey hair and a more sophisticated dress sense. The other character isn’t wearing any specific clothing or using any certain props to perhaps suggest he is old, only that he is quite tall, with a person’s height stereotypically representing how old someone is. The older male also looks stronger and is represented as the more dominant character with the dog seeming to ‘bow down’ to the dark figure in the bushes.


Arguably, we could say that the woman is shown as the less dominant character out of the two characters shown. Regarding gender stereotypes, we could say that the female is seen to be more dependant on others and are far less powerful than the male. The woman is also shown to have an average physique which could stereotypically also be suited to the female. The camera angles may also help suggest that the male is the more dominant as it seems to look up at the figure, not centre or down on the figure, even if the male is in fact shown as a ghost and is dead.