10/09/15 Prelim plan

webcam-toy-photo3This is my storyboard for my preliminary task.

I plan to get my friend Robben and his girlfriend to help me with acting as I am working on my own for this. The idea is they’re in a doctor’s office

Like this! I want the establishing shot to be a zoomed out sort of fisheye of the whole room from behind the doctor.

I want Robben to walk in slowly so the camera can move between the door opening, his hand, his face, his hand again and then the fully open door with Robben glammed up in his smartest attire. With a quick shot of her face being unimpressed.

The camera will then move to face the area where Robben’s face will be when he sits down.

“So Doc” The camera starts on him, flashes to her. Comes back to him “I’m gonna need a repeat of those pills you gave me last week” He says waving his arms as if to point his finger.
“I can only give you one more month before you’ll need to go through other means” She says as she reaches into her pocket, the camera following briefly, then back to her face for a close up. “They’re dangerous and you know it”

“Yeah yeah, whatever” The camera cuts to him as she’s saying “and you know it”

She tosses the pills and the camera follows from her hand, the pills, his catch. “thanks doc” The camera stays as he stands up. Fade to black.


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