PreLim research 1

Media Questions Mon

    • What is the 180 Degree Rule and why do we need to understand it?

Where the camera stays on one side of two people to keep with continuity and create a realistic scenario of two or more people conversing.

If we do not understand the rule then we may accidentally break continuity and the audience will be able to see it’s a film. Continuity is consistency, it is the act of keeping a flow going that tricks the viewer into thinking they are there in the film or to create a natural look, it is the illusion that you can not see the cuts. The 180 degree rule adds a natural fluidity to conversations between people in film by ensuring the camera stays on one side as if we were the people being spoken to. This allows the audience to feel more involved. Generally shown as a mid shot not a close up.

I need to use this when both characters have sat down to converse. I plan to move between the two of them at least twice

    • What is a shot-reverse-shot and why are we going to use it?  

This is where one character is shown talking/looking at one person off screen and then we are shown that person talking/looking back. The person being spoken to is not shown on camera or is shown over the shoulder. This is generally used as a close up instead of a mid shot.

Again, this will be used when they’re sat down.

    • Why would you use a match-on-action?  
    • To create a visual bridge between two characters and/or an object. This could be someone opening a door or two people throwing a catching an object.

In my prelim I plan to use this when character A comes in through the door and again when character B pulls out the pills and puts them on the table.


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