Textual Analysis 1

Silent Hill Revelation 3D


screen 2screen 1

The scene starts from the ground as it pans up slowly, revealing more of the scene and leaving less to the imagination. It leaves a sense of trepidation as the imagination plays tricks on the mind, imagining what horrors could be seen next.

As more is revealed the music in the background makes sounds to match the images, the first object being a knife, the music creating scratchy, metallic noises. These sounds match the visual of the large knife.

When the music reaches its first drop the first name of the credits, the writer and director is flashed across the screen, long enough to read the name but not long enough that you have to wait for it to continue. The plain black background is used to allow the credits and the scene to merge, it doesn’t jolt the viewer as a bright white would.

The name stays on screen as the scene continues to pan to allow for a more seamless look. The black screen is also used to show this person was the most important for the film.

screen 3screen4

The next two names are both producers and both appear without breaking the sequence. Although they have varying title names, they both mean the same and the difference is used simply to prevent repetition.

At this point we have still only seen vague glimpses as the camera continues to pan. However, us, the viewers, have been shown a little bit more, giving our imaginations a little more material to work with, this works to scare us more. It isn’t an outright fear, more of an anxious waiting, we know something big is going to happen because the music continues to build.

The scene fades to black this time instead of being a quick cut, showing the passing of time but also an angle change as the whole scene is a freeze frame. The next title is the executive producer, the third title.

Next is the Co-producer and then what it has been based off of. In this case the game series by Konami. Then songs and music.  Director of photography. Editor. Production Designer. Visual effects <— tends to be a company not a single person. Creature design. Special makeup and creature effects. Costume designer. And then the actors in order of appearance or alphabetically. Any famous actors appear with “with” in small before their name. Casting. Production companies. In association with. Film company. presentation. Either finish with the title or put the title in between actors and casting. In our case the title will come at the end.

A light filter has been applied over the top to give a cool appearance however I myself am a fan of warm colour tones so I may film neutrally and apply the different filters afterwards.


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