More Research

Filming went smoothly even though I was the only one of our group to turn up, I guessed something like this would happen so I enlisted a friend and his girlfriend to help out.

We went down to Hudson’s field on a disappointingly sunny day so I knew filters were going to be necessary. By the time we’d finished filming however, it had started to rain.

Working with my dog was an interesting experience, it was more of a case of us working with him than him working with us if we told him to go left, he’d go right and all of that so it took much longer than the one hour I’d expected it to but the shots we got were great even if I did forget the establishing shot which I can get another time.

I wanted to create a scene that you’d get in most horror films that starts the whole mystery off. This is especially common more in crime drama than horror where you have a death and the rest of the film/episode is spent figuring out how they died/ disappeared or who murdered them.

The whole scene needs to be unsettling, something that makes you want to squirm but I’m not very good at that so it’ll probably just make everyone in the room uncomfortably awkward.


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