Title research

planengOurs will be slightly different because the Title is in the middle but that is probably the only reason.

Opening credits are needed as well as creative part of films. Letting the audience know who is in the film, as well as writers, directors and composers.

Because there are only 3 people in our group…and I’d be tempted to only include two of our names we need to make up names and as such I have employed the use of a name generator

a RUSSEL CLIFFE production
“Alice’s Secrets”
Cast-Tracy Lamar, Ella Rodney, Taylor Jay, Mia Cordney
Casting Director Triston Gus
Music Composer Carter Garrik
Costume Designer Melody Day
Editor Agnes Tunnecliffe
Director of Photography Zena Danis
Executive Producer Maxine Leia
Producer Robert Cliffe
Writer Paul Joan
Director Brodie Emory

Because  of the way our film has been constructed  the titles will be split in two. Originally the cast was after the title but has since been swapped around because 1: it makes more sense and 2: cast last is used in television, not film


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