Evaluation question 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?



In the opening sequence there isn’t any particular class of person depicted besides white, middle class and young, simply because those were the only people willing and available. This is perhaps evident from the clothing our character is wearing; someone perhaps more ‘upper class’ would wear more stereotypically fancy clothing such as maybe a hat, a rolex watch or nice shoes. Apart from this the class of the character and the other character can’t be entirely judged because appearances can be deceiving and has been left more or less ambiguous. The male character is represented as an entity, wearing just black robes as an outfit and as such cannot be judged.

hooded figure media

One thing that may challenge the class of the person is the pet dog. Certain dogs of different breeds may cost a lot of money; this dog is a saluki collie cross, a rescue with behavioural problems and as such would not have cost a lot of money.


The races of both of the characters are white, both the male and female. The narrative being established in the opening scene may suggest that the woman is a normal, everyday woman which may be the type of person that many of the audience may be able to relate to, making them more interested in the film and engage with them. The white male that is being presented as a ghost also looks like an average, everyday male. None of the characters are shown using weapons or wearing any hoodies or tracksuit bottoms, stereotypically mostly worn by lower class, aggressive individuals.

Female character media (1)Age

It is possible to establish that both of the characters are young adults with the female being 18 and the older male being around the same age of 19-20. Although it may be hard to tell of the ages of the characters we do give a hint due to the type of fashion is being worn as well as the overall appearance. Stereotypically we may associate older people with having grey hair and a more sophisticated dress sense. The other character isn’t wearing any specific clothing or using any certain props to perhaps suggest he is old, only that he is quite tall, with a person’s height stereotypically representing how old someone is. The older male also looks stronger and is represented as the more dominant character with the dog seeming to ‘bow down’ to the dark figure in the bushes.


Arguably, we could say that the woman is shown as the less dominant character out of the two characters shown. Regarding gender stereotypes, we could say that the female is seen to be more dependant on others and are far less powerful than the male. The woman is also shown to have an average physique which could stereotypically also be suited to the female. The camera angles may also help suggest that the male is the more dominant as it seems to look up at the figure, not centre or down on the figure, even if the male is in fact shown as a ghost and is dead.


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