Evaluation question 3

What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?


Horror Institutions and Distributors

There are many institutions that could be able to distribute the film. Institutes such as Lionsgate have specialised in horror films like ‘Cabin in the Woods’ which is arguably one of the most well-known and popular horror films of the “naughty’s”. Lionsgate could also be deemed as a high-earning institutions with films such as the “Saw” franchise and ‘Hunger Games’ earning a high gross.


With a rise in the use of the internet one of our main platforms to show the film on would probably be something like youtube  or vimeo where people can make quite a profit off of  ad revenue and watches in the case of Youtube. This will help get through to our target audience of young adults who may use the internet more frequently over long periods of time compared to say, old folk .

Lionsgate or Paramount films for however have larger budgets and may be able to afford advertisements and posters for social media and also on billboards and high street posters so would do better releasing their films on DVD or in a cinema.

On the other hand, this film would do better being shown at certain filming festivals made specifically for amateur horror and crime films; these are located all around the country and would be shown in locations nearby such as Southampton, London and Bournemouth. Festivals such as ‘Frightfest’ and ‘Dead by Dawn’ could show the film.

Another highly viewed media is television. The film could be advertised after watershed as this film may be inappropriate for younger audiences. 2 or 3 minute videos will be made to be shown after the hours of specifically 8 or 9 o’clock which could reach out to the wide target audience of both young adults and the older males and females, commonly of the ages of 17 and older to perhaps 50+.

Films such as ‘It’ and ‘Cabin in the Woods’ use trailers that are a minimum of 2 minutes. However, they don’t uncover any of the main plot, character deaths and don’t actually show that much despite the length of the trailer. This is the same technique Alice’s Secrets could perhaps use.



The production for this media piece wouldn’t need to be that expensive regarding the amount of special effects and cameras as basic Premiere Pro effects can do this. Horror films may be known not to cost that much due to the lack of audience who may follow these films; arguably, action and sci-fi for example may be more popular than horror due to the wider range of ages and genders wanting to see them

. Most horror films cost a small amount compared to other films, specifically a budget of £15,000 and more; Films such as Paranormal Activity only cost £15,000 but managed to make a staggering £193 million which is considerably a lot of money considering the genre. However, this might have been the case due to the institutions who distributed the movie trailers and posters ‘Paramount’

Here are the top 5 most expensive horror films in movie history. Our film is only small budget film which may only cost 50 Million or considerably less due to locations, actors and equipment.

1. The Wolfman (2010): $170 Million

2. I Am Legend (2007): $150 Million

3. Prometheus (2012): $130 Million

4. What Lies Beneath (2000): $100 Million

5. Hollow Man (2000): $95 Million




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