Evaluation Question 4

Who would be the audience for your media product?


For this film,the targeted audience will be those of the same race, age and class as the characters portrayed; Caucasian, 18-25, middle to lower class. However, there is a deeper target audience. The film will be mostly targeted at young adults using social media to attract this audience by inserting advertisements including posters, clip art and trailers on Youtube, official sites and Twitter or Facebook.

Young adults may include such ages like the early teens, specifically around 17 or 18 to above. This is because of the violence and age rating which may not be suitable for those under an age of 16. The age rating would maybe be rated 18 to avoid legal issues although most horror films may be rated 12A but this may only be for horrors perhaps with mild violence. This film may have swearing and violence as well as religious connotations, so this target audience is for those who don’t mind swearing and violence, so mostly those of a ‘mature’ audience.




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