Evaluation Question 6

What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product?


There were many technologies used throughout the research and planning to record and hold proof of research. One of the main things used to make notes for research and planning is the website ‘WordPress’ which helped to make logs of textual analysis, examples, posters and trailers and make a log of everything done in the lessons. This was therefore useful as it was possible to keep track of everything done and also note what needed to be done for further planning of tasks.


One of the other forms of media used was the website ‘Youtube’ which proved important when researching textual analysis of the opening sequences and scenes. Looking at other horror opening scenes such as ones from ‘American Horror Story’ for inspiration for the opening scene, using close ups of objects to do with the genre of horror to intrigue the audience and engage them. Also, to be able to upload the final pieces onto the blog posts they had to be uploaded to youtube.



A canon 700D was used to capture all of the footage for the opening sequence and scenes. The Canon used allowed for pictures of proof for research and planning and it also allowed for recording footage of the main pieces as well as be able to upload to computers, using apple mac’s and premiere pro to help edit the footage captured.


This is a breakdown of everything done



Had planned a story board.

Made a mood board

Looked at similar texts

Analysed similar texts

Planned what was going to be the subject

Chose not to make a story board

Planned locations

Planned how I was going to use animals

Knew I was mostly going to be using animals



Filmed half on, half off a tripod for a more natural look

Kept with dog’s natural behaviours.

Dangerous dog jacket stayed on

Didn’t use other classmates-yes I’m still bitter about that

Chose to use a dreary day

Was actually a dreary day

Very plain dog walking clothes

Spooky guy was spooky by accident

Most of what happened, happened on the spot despite the extensive planning


Post Production

Colour corrected to look more night-time

A lot of editing of the soundtracks happened before the film went on so the film was edited for the music, not the other way around

Found a few copyright stock videos that fit in very nicely.

Made up names to fit the cast list

Added titles

Added fades




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