Evaluation Question 7

Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?


One of the main things I have learnt from doing our last preliminary is that working with other is not something I enjoy doing. I ended up doing pretty much all the work including the preliminary although Mike Kavanaugh helped with the evaluations.

I have discovered that unless I’m working with animals, filming is not for me. Through this work I have discovered an ability to complete my work despite not enjoying it but the outcome somewhat made it worth it. I hope that I am not in the same position for next year’s work.

Throughout this work I have learnt about the use of Premiere Pro, a product I have not used before. I have had to work around the issue of using CC (creative Cloud) myself whereas the mac’s we were using were several versions behind and therefore were not compatible so I had become the only person available to do any editing.

I have learnt how to work around many group related issues, for example, no one but myself showed up for filming the main piece and I had to bring in outside help from people that weren’t even doing media. It was frustrating but I have now learnt how to do large amounts of work on my own.

Besides learning the basics I personally don’t feel like I have learnt a lot and have an overall feeling of disapointment.


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