Evaluation question 1

Evaluation Question 1-

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?

Firstly , the title of the film ‘Alice’s Secrets’ is the opposite to the feel of the trailer. The name Alice worked because snakes are usually seen as evil and malicious whereas the name Alice is not; Alice sounds like a name for a righteous, young girl giving off positive connotations. However, the snake has negative connotations, making a complete juxtaposition in good vs evil which links to the genre of a horror. Films such as ‘Innocence’ and ‘Carrie’ also use this type of technique, something evil actually being innocent or the other way around. This works in the favour of gripping audiences, it adds a twist that people may not be expecting.


One of the main aspects that needed focusing on was the locations in the trailer. Regarding mainly the genre of the trailer, it seemed ideal to find a dark, empty and foreboding woodland. This would help capture the feel of a typical horror film, using darkness and emptiness to instil a sense of fear. For the opening sequence, there wasn’t any specific location in mind, only the knowledge that it needed to be quiet. The film needed to start off calm and collective as an equilibrium. There also needed to be a snake slithering around a destroyed room, with the music building and a more fast and louder tempo which signifies the disruption of the equilibrium so the order of events was disrupted. The idea was to base this off an ‘American Horror Story’ opening, where there would be quick and vague glimpses of disturbing imagery throughout the film, cutting to old, black and white films of people walking to create that sense of calm and security

The piece was created in 2 halves, the titles and the opening to create the feeling of an older film. The second half starts in a forest lane with no one around except a young girl on a dog walk, then the dog spots something and the tempo of the music starts to build up to seeing a ghost in the distant trees and bushes. In the trailer ‘Cabin in the woods’ the trailer starts off calm; everyone is happy and looking forward to going on holiday in the woods in their cabin. However, the music starts getting louder and more intense, the shots start to cut faster and the main plot is revealed. We have used the soundtrack technique to add suspense to our opening titles and opening sequence to intrigue the audience.

Mise en Scene

The clothes were a very important part of iconography used to create the sense of a horror genre. One of the main “props” was the snake in the opening theme. The snake was used to suit to the genre of horror and to contrast with the calm and less intense environment of the opening credits. The audience also gets to see such props as a clock with dragon heads and a severed screwdriver which has certain connotations to evil, death and manipulates the audience into thinking there is a death, regarding the fact the screwdriver is broken. These many close ups of these props help to establish the genre of the sequence and signals that these props may hold certain connotations to the perhaps the main plot or the overall plot of the film.

The character in the opening scene is dressed in casual wear, being shown to wear boots, a coat and suitable clothing for the scene in a muddy forest. The dog is wearing a high vis jacket with “nervous dog, please keep your dog away” printed on the side suggesting the dog is aggressive. However, the dog is showing fearful emotions; the dog is meant to be seeing a black figure which the human character can not see, adding to the suspense in the film and creating a more intense scene for the audience perhaps foreshadowing a death for either the dog or the dog walker. This intrigues the audience to watch onwards.The dark clothing of the hooded figure could resemble the myth of ‘Jack the Ripper’ wearing similar clothing to that of what he may have worn.


Alice’s Secrets final edit

Everything has been cleaned up to the best of my ability, the title font has been changed so it matches the other titles all that needs to be added now are the college details.

A tripod or increased fps is a must for the next film, there was too much of a jump between non-tripod and tripod

All that’s left to add it the beginning titles

Title research

planengOurs will be slightly different because the Title is in the middle but that is probably the only reason.

Opening credits are needed as well as creative part of films. Letting the audience know who is in the film, as well as writers, directors and composers.

Because there are only 3 people in our group…and I’d be tempted to only include two of our names we need to make up names and as such I have employed the use of a name generator

a RUSSEL CLIFFE production
“Alice’s Secrets”
Cast-Tracy Lamar, Ella Rodney, Taylor Jay, Mia Cordney
Casting Director Triston Gus
Music Composer Carter Garrik
Costume Designer Melody Day
Editor Agnes Tunnecliffe
Director of Photography Zena Danis
Executive Producer Maxine Leia
Producer Robert Cliffe
Writer Paul Joan
Director Brodie Emory

Because  of the way our film has been constructed  the titles will be split in two. Originally the cast was after the title but has since been swapped around because 1: it makes more sense and 2: cast last is used in television, not film